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Gender: Female
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Favorite photographic circumstances: landscape and scenery
I have always enjoyed expressing myself through creativity such as art and writing however when I discovered my passion for photography I found a whole new world which opened my eyes. Due to my physical limitations I never actually considered a career as a photographer however by chance one of my friends who is a photographer happened to see one of my first photographs I had taken with a hand held digital camera, she saw my hidden talent. So with that in mind she kindly loaned me one of her spare cameras just to experiment with.  Now I had to think of a way to adapt it to my wheelchair.  Whoever came up with the concept of Velcro I  praise  on a daily basis.  I put a strip of Velcro on the bottom of the camera then secured it to my wheelchair.  As I have a super fandangle wheelchair which has the lift and tilt feature I was able to reach a level of different positions which enabled me to capture a range of  various photographs.   I can still remember the first photograph that I took independently, it was of a sunset and I was ever so proud of it.

A while after I took the plunge and bought my first DSLR camera the Canon EOS 60 D which is permanently stored in my backpack, I love it. 
From that day forward my  photographic eye has sharpened and I now view the world around me as a potential photograph.
While I may have a lot to learn in regards to photography and technique I believe that my passion and skill greaten each passing day  

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