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Posted by Niamh Scally on April 15, 2013 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (4)

Without even realising it we are all exposed to photography on a daily basis, whether that be on the Internet, magazines or advertisements, photography plays a big part in today's society.  

Photography was first developed in the ancient times, camera obscuras were used to form images on walls indarkened rooms then the image formation via a pinhole.

Skip forward to 1880 where George Eastman, age 24, sets up Eastman Dry Plate Companyin Rochester, New York. First half-tone photograph appears in a dailynewspaper, the New York Graphic.

 In 1963 the first color instant film was developed by Polaroid and Instamaticreleased by Kodak,  The first purpose-built underwater introduced, the Nikonos.

In 1999 The Nikon D1 SLR, 2.74 megapixel was released and sold for $6000, this was the first ground-up DSLR design by a leading manufacturer


2003 saw Four-Thirds standard for compact digital SLRs introduced with the Olympus E-1; Canon Digital Rebel introduced for less than $1000

That concludes this brief introduction to photography. 

Stay tuned for the next instalment,

Niamh Scally


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